The Beauty in Change

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March 20, 2020
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May 5, 2020

Having knowledge of the pain and chaos in change, we can agree that the Coronavirus Pandemic has brought transformation in spades.

We also have the knowledge that no matter what, the dust will settle. Until that settling appears, we are, as the one and many, Shrodinger’s Cat. We may be either alive or dead (metaphorically and/or literally). We won’t know which until we get to the other side of current affairs.

This time is a beautiful time to imagine the myriad of possibilities that fall between alive and dead. On one end of the spectrum, humanity becomes extinct due to this virulent virus. That might be the best of news for Mother Nature, although not so good for those of us who love life.

Past this spectrum, the virus becomes contained with the fewest possible casualties. Schools, businesses and social gatherings are re-opened and we continue with life – never quite as we knew it – hopefully much better.

Until we get to that final chapter we have an opportunity to make some choices.

We can refuse to go down that rabbit hole of fearing for our futures. It’s irrational and quite egotistical for you to even assume that you have one (a future that is).

We can remain mindful of this present moment and lean deeper into finding what is beautiful in the right here right now, like the first buds of spring, or the smile on your lover’s face.

We can dream of how to redefine and reinvent ourselves by reflecting on how much we were taking for granted and making choices to better support what we honestly cherish.

We can celebrate NOW, because we might not get later.

Be brave, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, follow the Stay at Home/Shelter in Place orders and be a light to others.

Surround yourself with that which helps comfort your heart and soul. Here is a song to start with:

If you cannot release the grips of fear and stress, reach out to those who can support you. If you don’t know who to turn to, you can get free help by texing “Hello” to 741741.

Photo by Muhd Asyraaf on Unsplash

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